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The Top (and Bottom) 10 States for Infrastructure

Aug 04, 2021 by Marc Rapport

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Rank State Score Highlight
1. Illinois 272 out of 375 points 89.3% broadband access
2. Nevada 248/375 points Roads among the best in the nation
3. Indiana 246/375 points Big emphasis on sustainability in development
4. Tennessee 245/375 points Central location good for avoiding climate change effects
5. Florida 234/375 points 92.4% have broadband access
6. Georgia 233/375 points The nation’s busiest airport and a critical port
7. Utah 232/375 points Roads and bridges among the nation’s best
8. (tie) Delaware 227/375 points One of nation’s most reliable electrical grids
8. (tie) Arizona 227/375 points Nation’s second-most reliable electrical grid
8. (tie) Maryland 227/375 points Near-universal broadband access, much of it superfast
Rank State Score Highlight (or Lowlight)
50. Maine 103 out of 375 points 15.1 hours of power outages per year
49. Alaska 137/375 points 60.8% have broadband access
48. South Dakota 141/375 points Among the slowest average internet speeds
47. New Mexico 146/375 points 66.5% broadband access
46. Vermont 147/375 points Among the most expensive internet access
45. New Hampshire 148/375 points Limited airline service and weather extremes
43. (tie) Montana 150/375 points Slow internet speeds, large areas with no broadband
43. (tie) Arkansas 150/375 points Only 54.3% have broadband access
42. Rhode Island 153/375 points 51% of roads in unacceptable condition
41. West Virginia 155/375 points 21% of bridges in unacceptable condition

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