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Real Estate Tax Articles

tax calculations

What Proposed Tax Changes Could Mean for Accredited Investors

Oct 19, 2021

House Democrats have proposed a variety of tax changes that will have a major impact on accredited investors.

ask millionacres

Ask Millionacres: What Happens When a Rental Property Is Inherited?

Oct 09, 2021

Do you need to worry about depreciation recapture on inherited property?

buying insurance

Can You Use Private Placement Life Insurance to Invest in Real Estate?

Oct 05, 2021

Avoiding capital gains on elite and lucrative investments is not only feasible, it's easy and completely legal.

Material For Calculating Tax Deduction

Rental Property Investors Might Want to Know About This Tax Provision

Sep 26, 2021

Unable to demonstrate to the IRS that you have a profit-making motive? Discover the IRS form you don't want to miss.

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ask millionacres

Ask Millionacres: How Do I Recapture Depreciation?

Sep 18, 2021

Here are some of the things you should know if you plan to sell a rental property.

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5 Filing Errors That May Trigger an Audit for Investors

Sep 16, 2021

Are you preparing your tax return for the Oct. 15 deadline? Learn five filing errors that you don’t want to make this tax season.

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Los Angeles skyline

Impacted by California Wildfires? This Is a Tax Provision You Should Know About!

Sep 16, 2021

Are you a victim of the California wildfire? Learn what tax provisions you should look out for.

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real estate taxes

All Real Estate Investors Should Know About This Tax Issue

Sep 09, 2021

Many syndicated easements are set up as tax-avoidance schemes, not legitimate investment opportunities.

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hurricane apartment

In Hurricane Ida's Path? Don't Miss These Tax Provisions

Sep 03, 2021

Have you been impacted by Hurricane Ida? Learn what tax provision you can use while on your road to recovery.

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featured preparing-to-invest-in-opportunity-zones

What Investors Should Know About IRS Opportunity Zone 'Corrections'

Aug 31, 2021

Changes center on decertification and capital safe harbor rules.

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Couple looking at bills

Received an IRS Notice? Here's What to Do

Aug 14, 2021

Each year, the IRS sends out millions of notices. What should you do if you receive one?

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