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What Real Estate Professionals Must Know About New FAA Drone Rules

Feb 01, 2021 by Marc Rapport

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This can help them get much better footage of the house, especially if it is surrounded by busy roads. They can also fly over people, although this may be less useful. The privilege to fly over vehicles and people will depend on the size and category of the drone, but it can start happening as soon as March.
Starting in March 2021, commercial drone pilots who have already passed their initial knowledge test no longer need to take an in-person recurrent exam at a testing center. That means that if you're operating a drone in support of your real estate work, it just became easier to keep your Part 107 license active. The second change coming in March 2021 allows drone pilots to fly at night without a waiver, which is a huge (and exciting) change for those of us operating in the drone industry. This could enable real estate professionals to capture property shots both during the day, and at night, which with the right pilot and camera, can yield a really beautiful photo. That being said, you'll still need to affix anti-collision lights to your drone that can be seen from three statute miles away.
This impacts everyone in the drone industry equally and is just another step towards a sustainable BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) infrastructure. The second rule allows for operations over people with certain caveats, depending on the size of your drone. That being said, since real estate professionals are mostly flying over buildings, this isn't as much of a concern unless you are photographing a property in a dense urban area.

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