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The Best Cities to Flip Houses

A look at the best cities for house flippers to make a profit.

[Updated: Mar 03, 2021 ] Jun 24, 2020 by Matthew DiLallo

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City Ranking
Pittsburgh, PA T-1
Cleveland, OH T-1
Wilmington, DE T-1
Philadelphia, PA T-1
Columbia, MD T-1
Baltimore, MD T-1

Data source: WalletHub.

City Year-over-year increase in gross profit
Dallas, TX 38%
San Antonio, TX 36%
San Diego, CA 20%
Chicago, IL 20%
Oklahoma City, OK 18%

Data source: ATTOM Data Solutions.

Ranking Lowest average kitchen remodeling cost Lowest average bathroom remodeling cost Lowest average full-home remodeling cost
#1 Mobile, AL Fort Wayne, IN Little Rock, AR
#2 Des Moines, IA Modesto, CA Memphis, TN
#3 Las Vegas, NV El Paso, TX Des Moines, IA (Tied Third)
#4 Jackson, MS Las Cruces, NM Cedar Rapids, IA (Tied Third)
#5 Fort Smith, AK Greensboro, NC West Valley City, UT

Data source: WalletHub.

Cities with the top gross profits Renovation & remodeling costs ranking
Oklahoma City, OK 18
San Antonio, TX 27
Columbia, MD 61
Baltimore, MD 103
Cleveland, OH 107

Data sources: WalletHub and ATTOM Data Solutions.

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