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10 Great Games to Help You Learn Real Estate Investing

[Updated: Mar 23, 2021 ] Sep 08, 2020 by Liz Brumer
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Games can be mindless entertainment, but there are also many games out there that disguise learning critical life skills behind the fun. There are a plethora of board games that have been created to help you learn real estate investing from children as young as six up to adults. Here is our list of 10 great games to help you learn real estate investing. All of them teach varying aspects of real estate that go far beyond just buying and selling, including money management, different investing approaches, business skills, and much more.

  1. Monopoly is of course the classic board game people think of for real estate investing. Although the main focus is buying and building up real estate assets, including land and commercial real estate, it also helps teach negotiation skills, using debt, and money management.
  2. Easy Money is very similar to Monopoly but slightly more advanced in some of the techniques and rules. It teaches real estate principles via buying and selling assets.
  3. Joel Harden's Mogul is Monopoly on steroids. It's more open-ended in how you can create your wealth, whether you choose to do rentals or flips and also allows you to practice management, not just acquisition of your properties.
  4. Cash Flow 101 was created by real estate mogul and educator Robert Kiyosaki and teaches not only fundamental concepts critical to real estate but also important investing points, from the basics like income and expenses to more advanced concepts, like varying markets.
  5. For Sale: A Real Estate Game allows you to fill the shoes of a developer and builder when most of the other games simply emphasize buying and selling developed properties. You go through the process of purchasing vacant land, developing the site, and then selling the property all with market pressures at hand. This one can be hard to find.
  6. The Game of Real Estate is another harder-to-find game but brings in an interesting perspective. It's part real estate investor, part Realtor, where you can earn commissions and obtain listings.
  7. Acquire focuses on building a business but teaches invaluable concepts for real estate investing, such as structuring your real estate portfolio like a business and predicting market trends.
  8. The Castles of Burgundy allows you to build an estate and all of its components from the carpenter to the farmer, requiring the strategy and forward thinking essential in real estate investing.
  9. Puerto Rico takes you to the origins of capitalism in, you guessed it, Puerto Rico. It's geared toward commercial real estate and building business but also teaches money management and basic investing principles.
  10. Modern Art is actually not about real estate at all, as you're buying and trading art. But it still teaches asset valuation and calculating profit margins, two concepts often overlooked in other real estate board games.

These selected games teach more than just the concepts of buying and selling. By playing these games you'll have the opportunity to "play with fake money." While they clearly don't have the same impact that actual real estate investing does, playing these games will give you the opportunity to try out different approaches, make mistakes and learn from it, and discover how to strategize -- thus getting ahead of the learning curve before embarking on your real-life investments.

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