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Office Buildings

Google Spending More Than $2 Billion on New York City Office Real Estate

Sep 21, 2021

Here's what Google's big spend means for investors.

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Manhattan Fast-Casual Restaurants Switch Gears as Office Returns Remain Sluggish

Sep 19, 2021

Remote work is hurting a lot of Manhattan eateries. Here's how they're coping.

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ABC Carpet & Home Files Chapter 11: Effect on NYC Investors?

Sep 18, 2021

Another retailer has declared bankruptcy. Here's what real estate investors should know.


Good News for NYC Tourism: Thanksgiving Day Parade Will Welcome Spectators

Sep 15, 2021

Guests will be allowed to line the streets of New York City once again this November.

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NYC Schools Go Back in Person: Impact on Real Estate

Sep 14, 2021

Forget remote learning. New York City schools are back in full swing.

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Will Car Condos Be a Moneymaker for New York City?

Sep 10, 2021

As public transportation ridership is down by half in NYC, people are starting to drive, even buying a condo just for their car. Find out about car condos.

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800,000 New Yorkers Just Lost Boosted Unemployment: Why That's Bad News for Landlords

Sep 09, 2021

Now that boosted benefits are off the table, housing payment delinquencies could really explode.

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New York Extends State Eviction Ban Until 2022

Sep 02, 2021

New York landlords can't evict until 2022 now.

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Manhattan Lags Behind Other Key Markets in Office Building Return

Aug 29, 2021

Though many office markets have yet to recover from the pandemic, Manhattan is still notably sluggish.

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NYC Considering Digital Deed Ledger: Blockchain and the Title Industry

Aug 24, 2021

Real estate title searches mean slogging through lots of data. Is there a better way? NYC’s digital deed ledgers may be changing the industry.

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Office Buildings

State Street to Shutter New York Offices: What Investors Need to Know

Aug 18, 2021

The asset-management giant could end up fueling an unfavorable trend for office building investors.

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